It makes sense to implement lifestyle adjustments like increasing your intake of plant-based foods, cutting back on sugar, or avoiding gluten. You don't have to consume bland or uninteresting things when you start a new diet, though. 

We've put together a list of simple plant-based ingredient changes you can use each day to continue making delectable treats. Nobody has ever stated that you can't have your cake and eat it, too. 

Vegan Alternatives to Eggs 

                     Substitute one egg for three tablespoons aquafaba 

Eggs serve as a binding agent in most recipes and a leavening agent in cakes and other sweets to help produce a thick, fluffy texture. Thanks to vegan egg alternatives, the binding and leavening effects of eggs can still be achieved in baking. 

An easy egg substitute is aquafaba, which is the liquid found in chickpea or garbanzo bean cans. Three tablespoons of aquafaba should be lightly whisked until frothy for each egg that a recipe calls for before being added to it. Additionally, aquafaba can be used in recipes that call for icing or the folding into mixtures of whipped egg whites. 

Vegans can also use flax seed in place of eggs. Three tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of ground flax seed should be combined, and the mixture should sit for 10 to 15 minutes or until it has the consistency of an egg. In a recipe, one "flax egg" can be used in place of each regular egg. 

Alternatives and Substitutes for All-Purpose Flour 

                    Swap up to 1/2 of white flour with alternative flours like oat,        chickpea or almond 

Alternative flours like nut flours or whole grain flours are a fantastic place to start if you're looking for easy methods to add protein, fiber, and other nutrients to your baked goods. You can simply substitute oat flour, chickpea flour, buckwheat flour, or whole wheat flour for 1/4 to 1/2 of the all-purpose flour called for in most recipes. In gluten-free recipes that call for 1:1 replacement flour, this substitution also works. It's vital to remember that depending on the dessert, the results may change. This substitution works perfectly for cakes, cookies, and fast breads like banana bread, but it may not work as well in pastries like croissants, which need the higher gluten level in all-purpose flour for their structure and texture. 

Heavy Cream Substitute without Dairy 

                Equal parts unsweetened coconut cream can be substitute for heavy                     cream   

Coconut cream is a vegan ingredient that is equally as rich in fats as heavy cream and may be whipped to a comparable consistency. Replace the amount of heavy cream specified in a recipe with the equal amount of coconut cream. Remember that coconut cream differs from cream of coconut, which contains additional sugar. 

Dairy-Free Butter Alternative 

                 Equal amount of avocado can be substituted for butter 

If you're trying to cut back on saturated fat in your diet or are a vegan and want to replace butter, avocados are an excellent vegan alternative. Most recipes allow you to substitute avocado for butter in a 1:1 ratio; just remember to include a few additional tablespoons of liquid to make up for the water lost when doing so. Be aware that substituting avocados for butter may cause some recipes to slightly turn green. When baking for picky eaters, recipes using chocolate will totally cover up the coloring. 

Various Non-Dairy Milk Options 

                             Substitute dairy free milk 1:1 for dairy milk 

In most recipes, it's simple to substitute plant-based dairy products like almond milk and oat milk in a 1:1 ratio for conventional milk. Carefully consider whether to use sweetened, unsweetened, or flavored plant-based milks depending on the recipe. Plant-based milks that are unsweetened and flavorless work well in most recipes, but unsweetened vanilla-flavored milks can add more layers of wonderful vanilla flavor! 

Natural sugars are substituted for processed sugars. 

          Replace 1/2 the amount of refined sugar with pureed fruits like dates, bananas or strawberries 

By using pureed fruits like dates and bananas up to half the quantity of granulated sugar, you can reduce the amount of processed sugar in your baked goods. You should pay special attention to the consistency of your batter or dough and slightly lower the amount of added liquids to compensate since pureed fruits will also provide extra liquid to your recipe. 

When reducing sugar, add vanilla. 

                                                Add extract vanilla when reducing sugar 

You can easily assure that a recipe will still taste sweet if you choose to cut back on the sugar by adding vanilla. According to studies using blind tasters, adding vanilla to a recipe can make it look sweeter. Reduced sugar can be made up for in a recipe by adding 12 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract. 


These baking substitutions will make it simple to continue making delectable treats for friends and family even if your other resolutions fail, without sacrificing your resolve to change up your diet.