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Natural Vanilla Extract

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When you hear the word natural vanilla, a question that always pops up is, what is natural vanilla? What are the ingredients in natural vanilla? Do they have sugar or carbs? is natural vanilla extract gluten free? Read on to get the answers for these questions.  

Dr Vanilla’s natural vanilla is made from fine quality vanilla beans, rich with a subtle flavor, which enhances the taste in puddings, icecream, cookies, cakes, beverages and other desserts. The ingredients to prepare Vanilla extract includes vanilla beans soaked in a mixture of water and ethyl alcohol.  

Dr Vanilla uses cold infusion process of extraction, as heat is not used the flavor and taste remains the same. 

Our vanilla extract is 100% sugar free in addition to being vegan, kosher, GMO free and gluten free. We also don’t add any sugar, fillers or additives or processing aids like diatomaceous earth in this product. 

Natural vanilla can be added to prepare easy vanilla frosting, quick 10 minute recipe to make your cooking time easier and it is best pure vanilla extract for baking. 


Water, Alcohol and Extractives from Vanilla Pods

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