We have mastered the science of vanilla. Our research of vanilla flavor chemistry paired with six decades of vanilla curing and extraction experience makes us unique.

Artisanal Dr. Vanilla products are 100% natural, sustainable, flavorful, intense, elegant, and kosher. Dr. Vanilla products are minimally processed using responsibly sourced, handcrafted, traditionally cured, premium quality vanilla pods. There is nothing artificial in our vanilla products. The path from vanilla pod to vanilla flavor is all about the quality of the cured vanilla pods, the state of the grinds and the solvent mix used. Most companies use high heat and pressure- not us. We know vanilla flavor is delicate and complex, and our process reflects that.

Vanillin is the predominant flavor ingredient in vanilla, but vanillin alone is not vanilla. Vanilla flavor contains hundreds of flavor molecules, including alcohols, acids, esters, aldehydes, ketones, and acetals like guaiacol, phenol, phenylacetic acid, ethyl propionate, acetovanillone, and cinnamic and anisic compounds at a wide range of concentrations.

Our proprietary Cool Infusion Technology releases and captures all sapid and odorous principles from the vanilla pods, not just the vanillin. Unlike other extraction processes, we treat every vanilla product with care by respecting the materials used and the process itself.

In 2023 and 2024, Dr. Vanilla embarked on a journey to make a profound impact on education and environmental consciousness. Last year, our sponsorship supported the Kit Mad'ere course for Ezaka's schools in Antalaha North, Madagascar. This initiative, in collaboration with 16 elementary private school teachers, aimed to expand environmental protection education in the Sava region, empowering educators to instill vital environmental values in their students. 

In continuation of our commitment, this year and the next, Dr. Vanilla proudly sponsors the construction of schools in remote villages through our partnership with the JHA Fund. These schools will serve as beacons of knowledge, providing access to quality education in areas where it's needed most. 

From fostering environmental awareness among educators to building physical institutions, Dr. Vanilla remains steadfast in our dedication to nurturing minds and cultivating a sense of responsibility towards our planet. Together, we're shaping a future where education and environmental stewardship thrive hand in hand. 

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In November 2023, JHA proposed to build a strong, durable wood 2-classroom school with corrugated metal roofing, complete with benches for students, as well as cupboards, desks, chairs, and chalkboards for teachers, for the village of Antsamakely, in collaboration with Doctor Vanilla Artisanal, resulting in the establishment of a new dry and safe educational facility benefiting over 100 young and eager students in 2024.

From our Founder

“We believe in sustainability for all. Subsistence vanilla farmers are the backbone of the natural vanilla industry. We are fully committed to providing financial and technical support to these farmers. This is only possible if we have direct relationships, which is why I have been traveling the world to meet with vanilla farmers and vanilla bean processors in Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, India, Uganda, and Mexico.”

Dr.Krishna Bala, Ph.D