Vanilla Sugar Recipe

Vanilla Sugar Recipe

Vanilla sugar is nothing but granulated sugar infused with vanilla. Vanilla sugar can be used as a replacement of normal sugar plus the flavor and fragrance of vanilla. As fancy it sounds, you may think it’s a herculean task to prepare a bunch but trust us it can’t be any easier! 

Wondering what is vanilla sugar made of? They are simply made of vanilla beans and sugar, there is no hidden flavoring agents or additives. They serve as perfect additions for vanilla sugar cookies. One can also make vanilla sugar scrubs.  

Things Needed to Make the Vanilla Sugar 

Vanilla Beans: As you may know, vanilla beans are expensive, but we require only one bean per two cups of sugar. The best one are Madagascar beans, grade A or Grade B can be used 

Sugar: Regular granulated sugar will do fine. 

Food Processor/ Blender: While a food processor or blender is not necessary, you can mix both beans and sugar using a whisk, it's always good to mix both in pulse mode as the seeds will break and spread uniformly. 

Storage containers: Make sure to store the mixture in air tight containers, away from moisture. 


Cut the bean lengthwise. Scrap the seeds using a spoon. Save the empty pods. 

Put the sugar in a blender and place the seeds on top and run it in pulse mode and ensure that the seeds are broken. 

Note that while using blender you are also breaking the sugar to finer ones. 

You can mix using a whisk also. 

Pour the sugar in a jar and immerse the saved pods into it to get enhanced flavor. 

Can I use vanilla extract instead of vanilla beans?  

While using vanilla extract the cons are that it adds moisture to sugar which can affect your baking and also chances are that it gets bad or rotten over time. We recommend using 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract for 1 cup of sugar and spreading them on a baking tray for quick drying. Results may vary and we would strongly prefer using vanilla beans. 


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