vanilla rice pudding recipe

Vanilla Rice Pudding Recipe


  1/3 cup rice (66g)  

  ¾ cup water (177ml)  

  1/8 tsp salt (1/2g)  

  2 cups milk  

  ¼ cup sugar (50g)  

  ¼ tsp Dr vanilla natural vanilla extract (1ml)  


  • First, take a medium-size pot and add 2 tablespoons, of rice this is long grain rice but you can use medium grain or short grain rice now this is only going to make about 2 servings so if you want to make a lot more just double or triple the recipe then add a three-quarters cup of water and one eight teaspoons of salt and go ahead and give this a stir now let’s go ahead and take this over to the stovetop and cook the rice. All right the rice going, have it on medium-high heat, and we want to bring this to a boil, now if you want to cook your rice, like in a separate rice cooker you can certainly do that, for example, if you have a meal and you want to make some rice, for rice pudding and use some extra for something else just go ahead and use that all right once we have our water boiling go ahead and turn down the heat to medium-low to let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until the rice is soft but not super soft, and to cover this and then every once in a while give it a nice little stir, so we don’t get it sticking on the bottom, looks like our rice is there.  The water has absorbed now add two cups of milk you can add whole milk 2%,1% if you use whole milk it is going to be a little bit more creamy, if you use 2% or 1% it will be less so then let’s turn the heat up to medium then let’s add one-fourth cups of sugar we will give this a good stir, then continue to cook this until the rice and the milk all come together,  and it will have a thicker consistency,  it will, once we cool it, it will get a little thicker, now you can actually stop at whatever consistency you want, remember it is going to thicken up more when we let it cool, but stop right now and this would be okay, just a little thicker so let it cook here for, a couple of more minutes.  It has been about 20 minutes total, now when it gets to this stage where it is fairly thick, and it is bubbling a lot, you want to make sure to stir it more frequently than before otherwise it may burn on the bottom and as you notice I am using a nonstick, Teflon pot, which really helps out but it is not necessary to use this kind of a pot you can use. So now it's about the consistency like a thick porridge or likes runny oatmeal, great so turn down, turn off the heat here, and we are going to continue to stir it and then once the bubbles subside here, go ahead and add in tsp of vanilla extract and also at this point if you want it to be a little creamy you could add about a fourth cup of heavy whipping cream, also if you would probably do that halfway before it is done. Just so that the raisins get soft if you want to raisins to be harder go ahead and put them in right now, now as you can see it is a nice consistency here let’s go ahead and take this over and transfer this over to our serving bowls now go ahead and transfer it to little dishes here. You can eat it warm just like this, but if you want it to be cooled, what you will do is take some plastic wrap and you will just cover it loosely with plastic wrap, and you could just put it in the fridge and let it cool, and top off with some cinnamon. Our rice pudding is done.

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