vanilla capuccino recipe

Vanilla Cappuccino Coffee

We are making this Vanilla cappuccino the old fashioned way , without any coffee machine , this is going to be a hand beaten mixter of coffee . Which our mom’s have been making at home for years but , since we’ve lived through 2022, we also call this the dalgona coffee method . 


Coffee 3 tablespoon 

Sugar 3 tablespoon 

Hot water 4 tablespoon 

Vanilla extract  1 tablespoon 

Buffalo milk ½ litter  


3 tbsp of instant coffee powered so going to 3 tbsp of sugur.We are going to use white sugar and we are going to use 3tbsp of hot water.Hot water is very important in this recipe because that will help this mixture keep it shape and going to add vannila extract,one tbsp of Vanilla extract and now start the whisking.  

When you start whisking this mixture you’ll notice that it’s very dark in colour. The colour gets lighter and the texture gets fluffier.We have have to whisking this to about 5 minutes. After whisking you will get the coffee cream and the  texture should be thick and fluffy and the colour should be lightened. 

Now we can move on to the next part of the receipe which is heating up the milk. High quality buffalo milk is really important for macking rich and creamy cup of cappuccino.Take ½ litter of milk and  By heating the milk you will be getting the thicker and cremier. 

Time to assemble our vanilla cappuccino,first going to add just a sponnfull, of coffee cream to the bottom of coffee cup. And you can add as much or as little as you like. Next you can add the milk and after adding the milk u can mix the milk and coffee cream and we can top it up with a little bit more coffee cream and just sprinkle a little bit of coffee powder on the top of the glass. And now it ready to chip a vanilla cappuccino coffee.  


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