kulfi , vanilla extract , ice cream



  • Cold fresh Milk 1 litter  
  • 8 tablespoons milk powder 
  • 100 gm sugar 
  • 4 tablespoons cornflour  
  • Vanilla essence  

Preparation method  

First, take a vessel and add half a cup of cold milk and then add 4 tablespoons of cornflour then whisk it properly for 5 mins with the help of a blender and then add 4 cups of milk after that add 100 gm of sugar whisk it properly to dissolve the sugar after sugar dissolve and now add 8 tablespoons of milk powder and mix it properly  


 what we have to do next is let it boil on high flame mix it well cook it until the color gets to change the color will litely change after 10mins u can switch off the flame let it cool to room temperature then add 2 tablespoons of vanilla essence mix it well know it’s ready. 

 You can transfer this to a popsicle tray  

 Put it in a refrigerator for a day  

 And transfer the remaining to another popsicle tray  

 And it’s a simple and easy recipe  

 Take it out from the refrigerator after a day  

  vanilla kulfi is ready you can enjoy it.  


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