homemade vanilla bean yoghurt recipe

Homemade Vanilla Bean Yoghurt Recipe

Yogurt is simply delicious and not to speak of its health benefits. They help us overcome the summer heat giving a refreshing and long lasting freshness. Below is a simple recipe for vanilla bean yogurt.


1 Liter milk
1 Supreme quality Vanilla bean (split and scraped)
3 tbsp pre-made yogurt


Heat milk and vanilla bean scrapings in a stainless steelpan over medium heat until it reaches 180 degrees.
Pour warm milk into clean containers and cool to 115 degrees. This can be done either by keeping them under fan for sometime or placing in a cool water bath.
Add pre-made yogurt and stir until just mixed into milk.
Place the containers into the oven, and turn on the oven light (but don't turn on the oven itself!). Let sit for 12-24 hours.
Remove containers from oven, and refrigerate until yogurt is set.
Once set, pour off liquid from the top. You can optionally strain through cheesecloth for a thicker consistency. This yogurt can be used for till 7 days.

Thus prepared can be used in recipes with vanilla yogurt  that gives it a creamy twist. As they are homemade vanilla yoghurt, they are free of any preservatives with a shelf life of 7 days. Let us know how did your vanilla yoghurt preparation go!


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