When should we use vanilla extract, pods, powder, and seeds?

When should we use vanilla extract, pods, powder, and seeds?


Pod-shaped fruits known as vanilla beans are cultivated on climbing orchids of the Vanilla genus. In its native habitat of tropical Central and Southern America, hummingbirds and bees are the only creatures capable of pollinating vanilla orchids. When cultivated somewhere else, hand pollination is required. Due to the tedious nature of the process, the costs increase. 

Thousands of tiny seeds are adhered to the walls of each vanilla pod, which can range in length from 6 to 12 inches. The sticky resin covering the seeds and the pod wall is responsible for the vanilla flavor. Only after the pod is damaged is it liberated. 

What is the difference between vanilla seeds from vanilla powder from vanilla extract from vanilla bean pods? 

Vanilla bean pods 

The unripe orchids are harvested for their bean pods. Fresh beans don't have a distinct smell of their own. To release that beautiful perfume, they must be dried, which can take several weeks to several months**. These pods release their taste and turn brown when heated. Vanilla extract, vanilla powder, and vanilla bean paste all start with these curing vanilla beans. 

Vanilla Ground or Powder Vanilla 

Vanilla beans that have been dried and processed into a fine, dark brown powder are what make vanilla powder. If you want to use vanilla powder instead of beans, choose a product from Goodness Vanilla where vanilla is the only ingredient. 

Vanilla Seeds 

The dark flakes known as vanilla seeds are obtained by scraping the pulp from vanilla pods. They are a terrific way to give the foods a stunning visual appeal despite the fact that they don't provide much flavor. 

Vanilla Extract 

Vanilla pods are percolated in either alcohol or inverted sugar to produce vanillin extract. To create the extract, chopped vanilla beans are fed through a carrier and aged. As prolonged heat may alter the flavor compounds, always add it towards the end of cooking. 

How to use them is as follows: 

Usage of Vanilla Pods  

The aid of a little knife, vanilla beans can be split open and divided lengthwise. You can remove the pulp by scraping it from the inside and flavoring your food with it. You can also add the split open beans to the liquid in your dish, simmer them to extract the whole flavor, and then filter the mixture to get rid of any remaining pod fibers. 

Usage of Vanilla Powder  

You should keep in mind that vanilla powder has a flavor that is very concentrated while using it. Therefore, you would only need about half as much if you were to substitute it in recipes that call for vanilla extract. 

There are several varieties of vanilla powder on the market that contain maltodextrin, sugar, or other ingredients. The best vanilla powder is made from vanilla beans that have been fully dried and finely ground, like Goodness Vanilla. Here are some suggestions about how to use vanilla powder:  

  • Application of high heat 
  • The use of vanilla in buttercreams and whipped creams to obtain a strong flavor without sacrificing consistency 
  • Additionally, to dry mixes 

Usage of Vanilla Seeds  

The black particles will serve as tangible proof of your dish's excellent quality. The seeds can be bought online for the best prices. 

Here is a list of recipes that can be flecked with vanilla seeds for a beautiful appearance:  

  • Ice cream  
  • cream sauces  
  • custards 

Usage of Vanilla Extract  

If we enjoy baking, you've probably noticed that most recipes use vanilla extract rather than vanilla beans, seeds, or ground vanilla. This is why: 

  • It is less expensive than vanilla beans. 
  • It is a common household item for the majority of us because it is readily available and easy to keep. 

The outcomes of using vanilla extract made from premium vanilla beans in baking will be excellent. However, you would require about three tablespoons of vanilla extract to replace the seeds of an average-sized gourmet vanilla bean in a recipe. 


Whatever vanilla option you decide to use for your upcoming expedition, make sure it is of the highest Caliber. For the greatest experience, pick Goodness Vanilla.