types of vanilla beans

Types Of Vanilla Beans

Like any other spice or vegetable, vanilla also has variations. Along with the variations comes the differences in texture and flavor. Let's have a look at the different Vanilla beans. 

Madagascar: They are generally grown on islands in Indian ocean like Madagascar, Comoros and Reunion. They are the thinnest of all the beans and richest in flavor. 

  • Color: Black 
  • Flavor: Rich & Creamy. 
  • Place: Madagascar 

Mexican: Grown in Mexico, they are thicker than the other beans and has a woody fragrance. 

  • Color: Dark brown 
  • Flavor: Bold, Dark & Smokey. 
  • Place: Mexico 

Tahitian: They are the most expensive type of beans and are also rich in flavor and aroma. The texture is wide and flat. 

  • Color: Black 
  • Flavor: Floral, Cherry & Chocolate 
  • Place: French Polynesia 

Ugandan: They deserve to be in the first-class type of beans and they contain high levels of vanillin. 

  • Color: Black 
  • Flavor: Rich, creamy & strong 
  • Place: Uganda 

Indian: They are sweet, creamy and simply aromatic. 

  • Color: Dark Brown 
  • Flavor: Chocolaty 
  • Place: India 

So next time you want to select the Vanilla beans, now you know where to look. Follow this dr vanilla's guide select the best beans.