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The 10 Surprising Ways We Use Vanilla Extract everyday

The 10 Surprising Ways We Use Vanilla Extract every day 

There are many ways to use vanilla in cooking, and nobody can dispute the exquisite sweetness, texture, and displays of wealth that pure vanilla adds to a dish. 

However, did you know that there are a number of formerly unknown uses for vanilla? Yes, continue reading and brace yourself for a few surprises that will enhance the charm and whimsy of this delightful elixir from Mother Nature. 

Here are several novels, easy, and wonderful uses for vanilla in daily life: 

Care for your Skin and Hair 

Pure vanilla extract contains a substance called vanillin, which has excellent antibacterial effects and antioxidants that are good for the skin. Vanilla has many uses, including decreasing wrinkles and clearing up acne. For glowing, rejuvenated skin, simply apply the extract to your face, massage it in, and then rinse it off. A few drops added to your toner or face mist will revive skin and banish dullness. Vanilla is an excellent complement to hair care products and has a wonderful scent. A few drops of extract should be added to a light hair oil before massaging it in. Voila, silky, smooth hair after a quick rinse with cold water. 

Sweeten Your Home 

Vanilla can be applied to your lightbulbs as a clever trick. Your home will continue to smell as good as it appears because of the heat and warmth from the lightbulb, which will aid in fragrance diffusion. By just heating up a small amount of extract on high heat, you can also purify your microwave and get rid of strong and annoying food smells. This will revitalize not just your oven but also your kitchen. 

Mixology Matters 

Everyone is aware of the flavor that vanilla gives to foods, but what about drinks and cocktails? This priceless spice pairs nicely with aged liquors like whisky and bourbon as well as spicy liquors like rum. No other ingredient can match the delicious smoothness, luxurious aroma, and flavor that a small amount of vanilla extract adds. Today's mixologists use vanilla, which is well-known for adding pleasure to a variety of drinks. 

Paint Off 

Fresh paint is usually a good idea, but the lingering odour of potent, industrial paint is not. Simply add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to the can before painting to mask the strong odour and leave behind a pleasant aroma in your home. This method works for both interior and exterior walls. 

Egg masking 

While vanilla is a crucial component for giving your baked goods flavor, did you know that it also does a superb job of covering up the aroma of another necessary but occasionally overbearing ingredient? Yes, we are discussing eggs. The best technique to hide the "eggy-ness" in all of your favorite baked items while enhancing the aroma is with vanilla essence. 

How to treat burns 

Simply go for your bottle of vanilla extract the next time you burn yourself while cooking. Natural vanilla can be applied to the injured region with a cotton swab for prompt relief from small burns thanks to its relaxing effects. 

Remove Bugs 

Pure vanilla's scent is difficult to ignore for most people, but bugs and other pests are exactly the contrary. Simply combine some vanilla extract with water and spray on the skin to repel insects effectively and cheaply. Additionally, you'll end up smelling fantastic! 

Perfect for Perfumery  

This one shouldn't come as a big surprise because vanilla has long been used in the perfume industry. This naturally sweet scent has woody undertones and is frequently used in aromatherapy and perfumery. It combines wonderfully with other notes like citrus and florals. Try it for yourself by applying a few drops of pure extract to your pulse points, or make your own delightful body mist by blending vanilla, neutral alcohol, and glycerin. 

Tenacious Stain Remover 

This is a strange one, but this unusual ingredient may be used to remove stubborn stains from stickers and sticky tape as well as a few other blemishes. To remove normally difficult-to-remove stains, dab a few drops of vanilla extract onto a cloth and thoroughly wipe the area. 

Luxury in a bottle 

Vanilla is pure enchantment, similar to a genie in a bottle. A few drops in your preferred hot beverage, such as coffee, hot chocolate, and more, provide a level of luxury and decadence unmatched by anything else. Even savory sauces like tomato or barbecue sauce can benefit from a hint of vanilla. 


Are you as surprised as we are by these exceptional and beautiful applications for the much-loved vanilla extract? Please give them a try and let us know how you like them. Additionally, Goodness Vanilla is your best bet if you're seeking the finest vanilla extract available. Our natural vanilla extract is smooth and deliciously sensual, making it a wonderful pantry staple for both culinary and non-culinary uses.