vanilla beer


We've compiled a list of the best beers to pair with vanilla beans. Because most people like darker beers in the winter, this is when you'll find the largest selection of vanilla-infused winter beers. 

The best vanilla bean beers  

There is a list of some well-known vanilla bourbon beers, as well as several lesser-known but equally delicious beers. 

  1. The vanilla porter  

The Vanilla Porter is a well-known beer with a flavour of roasted cocoa malts, sharp hops, and sweet vanilla. If you're a regular craft beer drinker or a dedicated home brewer, you'll know that balance is the key to this vanilla beer's success. 

While many people would think that vanilla extract would be perfect for a vanilla beer, that is not the case here. If you prefer a good vanilla porter, there's a good chance this one was produced with vanilla beans 

  1.  The Oatmeal stout 

Without the essence of vanilla bean, a good dark oatmeal stout would be incomplete. It's another winter staple, and while there's some room for experimentation with the flavorings, the vanilla-based oatmeal stout is a strong favorite among many. 

Traditionally, just 1 or 2 entire Vanilla beans are needed for a gallon of stout. Coffee, ginger, cinnamon, chocolate, and mixed fruits are some of the other popular flavor combinations for this stout. 

  1. Bourbon country vanilla  

In the homebrew community, this sort of vanilla beer is highly acclaimed. Goose Island Beer Co produces the majority of it. It was created for the Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer Festival, which took place in Chicago. It was placed into mass manufacturing roughly ten years ago, following a boom in popularity. BCBS vanilla beer is another name for it. 

  1. Victory at sea imperial porter 

Within the vanilla beer community, this is another firm favorite. The Ballast Point Brewing Company produces it, and it's described as a robust, smooth drink with just the proper amount of sweetness. It has a slight caramel undertone and is made up of coffee beans and whole vanilla beans. 

  1. Homemade Root Beer 

This foamy, creamy drink is popular throughout the country, and the most popular version uses excellent Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Although this isn't a classic vanilla beer, it is a form of beer that may be easily made at home with vanilla beans. 

  1. Red Brick Smoked Vanilla Gorilla 

This is a dark, almost black-colored drink with a smoky flavour that appears to be popular. The vanilla takes the stage after the smokiness fades away. It's matured in wood whiskey barrels with entire vanilla beans. It is part of the Brick Mason Series by Red Brick. 

  1. 6 Years Beers 

This barrel-aged imperial stout with Mexican vanilla beans is brewed by Cycle Brewing. Vanilla, milk chocolate, coffee, cocoa, and marshmallow are among the smells that it produces. Its slightly earthy flavour made it a strong competitor in the market for dessert stouts. 


When vanilla is used as a flavoring agent in beer, it goes great with other spices, especially those prevalent in seasonal beers throughout the winter. Vanilla can be added to the beer-making process in a variety of ways.