Build Eco friendly Kitchen

Build an ecofriendly kitchen in simple steps

The major crisis that the world is currently facing is energy. The future is uncertain due to the changes happening in climate and as they say good habits should start from home, sustainability should start from kitchen. Let’s see some simple kitchen reno steps.  

Re- Use Items: If you are renovating the kitchen, you are bound to have cabinets and handles reuse them instead of throwing them away. Renovate in a way that looks new using the old materials itself, time to put your creativity and out of the box thinking into action. It is a cost effective and environment friendly way of renovation. 

Use VOC free paints: Paints contain volatile organic compounds, that cause the smell of freshly painted surfaces and they are harmful and toxic gases, harmful not only to the environment but also to your health too. Do the best research to get the VOC free paints easily available in your locality and use them. 

Save Water: Use dishwasher if possible. If you are washing with hands, you can collect the water used for washing and pour that into plants or big trees in your locality. If this is not possible, always try to limit the water used for washing dishes by turning the tap off after needed, always keep a look into leaky faucet and taps. 

Sustainable Containers: Always use containers that can be refilled, keep one container for a particular grain or lentil, like wise for veggies and fruits and refill them once the stock is finished.  

Carry bags & Straws: While shopping carry bags that are made of cloth. While going for a picnic take food packed in reusable containers, reusable straws and avoid plastic straws to the best of your abilities. 

Choose smart lighting: There are appliances that use energy in the lowest ways possible at the same time providing the best use that it can. Talk with your contractor and use such appliances only for a long run and environmentally effectiveness. 

Proper garbage disposal: The best way is to segregate the wet, dry, reusable and non-reusable waste every day for their proper disposal and recycling. When waste is properly segregated and disposed, half of the problems related to the environment are solved. 

So, these are a few kitchen remodel checklist items. Do not worry on how to renovate the kitchen anymore, follow these simple procedures and steps for the best sustainable practice. Let us know what are the simple procedures that you follow.