How To Cut Open A Vanilla Bean And Scrap The Seeds?

How To Cut Open A Vanilla Bean And Scrap The Seeds?

Vanilla bean seeds are called vanilla bean caviar and scrapping them from the bean may sound as an easy task, but it is not. We are not saying that it is a herculean task, but yes, some hacks will definitely make it easier. Now why should I scrap the precious vanilla bean? Here’s why, many recipes that have vanilla flavour cannot be prepared by bean itself. The caviar gives the flavour and are easy to handle.  

Things Needed To Cut Open Vanilla Bean 

  • Cutting Board 
  • Vanilla Bean 
  • Sharp Knife, preferably with a pointed end 

Carefully remove the beans from packaging and put them on the cutting board with flat surface down which ensures a firm grip and doesn’t slide. Make sure the curled tip is pointed to the left side of cutting board. 

Place the sharp knife in the center of the bean just below the curled end. 

Gently run the knife from top to bottom, while your left pointing finger holds the top and thumb holding the bottom of bean. Make sure to not tear the whole bean, instead just create a split. 

Slowly pull apart the bean holding. Put the bean on the board and hold using your left pointing finger and thumb, place the knife perpendicular to the half of the bean and run through the inside starting from the curled end to bottom. 

Now you have the vanilla bean caviar stuck to the knife. They are pretty sticky, so do not use your fingers to take them out, instead use another knife or spoon and use it as you may want to. 

Do not through away the bean. They can be placed inside your sugar jar for scented sugar or can also be used for preparing small amounts of vanilla extracts.