vanilla essence vs extract vs powder

Difference Between Vanilla Paste and Vanilla Extract. Which to use when.

Vanilla extract as we know has its own importance in the world of baking and even in cooking. But what is vanilla bean paste? And how is it different from the extract? Know here. 

Vanilla extract as we know is a mixture of vanilla beans alcohol and water. Vanilla bean paste is produced by vanilla bean powder and vanilla bean extract. They are the actual seeds in a vanilla bean pod. So, what is the difference between vanilla bean paste and extract? Extract is finer and waterier, while the paste as we know is thicker. Vanilla bean pastes when added to ice cream can give dots or specks to the look, giving it a richer finish. To create such a look whole vanilla bean can also be created but is expensive and time consuming to grind the beans just to add as a visual treat, it implies a lot of effort so why not go for the vanilla bean paste itself. 

Vanilla extract vs Vanilla paste vs Vanilla bean vs Vanilla powder 

All are equal in equal quantities. That is, 

1teaspoon(tsp) vanilla extract= 1tsp of vanilla paste=1tsp of vanilla powder=1 vanilla bean. 

While substituting paste for extract one thing to keep in mind is that paste is thicker than extract and can interfere with the consistency of cake or dessert you are making.  

When to use vanilla bean paste and vanilla extract? 

Vanilla extract due to its finer aspect is the best used in cakes, cookies, sauces, cocktails, hot chocolates, Pastries, desserts. 

Vanilla bean paste is best used in icecream, puddings, brulee, frostings, whipped cream, smoothies. 

So now you have a perfect guide on which vanilla product to use and for what recipe.