Natural Vanilla Extract

We developed novel, proprietary, Cool Infusion Technology because the extraction of vanilla flavor is very delicate and complex and cannot be abused by using prolonged high temperature treatment.  High extraction temperatures result in the loss of some of the more volatile components of the vanilla aroma and taste can lead to the development of aroma and taste notes that are not part of vanilla flavor. 

The Dr. Vanilla Cool Infusion process releases and captures all the fragile and subtle flavor molecules from premium vanilla pods.  These flavor molecules undergo further transformations. For example, acids from the vanilla pods interact with ethyl alcohol and many methyl esters from vanilla pods transform to ethyl esters. These esters impart delicate, complex, and highly desirable aroma and taste to our vanilla extracts. Dr. Vanilla extracts are fruity, rummy, and sweet, astringent, full-bodied and sophisticated.

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