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Lemonade with Vanilla Beans

This drink has the best-sounding refreshing flavor we've ever heard of. To create a drink that is not only cool but also brimming with complex vanilla flavor, try adding two vanilla beans to this recipe. 


  • 2 vanilla beans 
  • Sugar, 2 cups 
  • 8 cups of water 
  • 3 cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice 


  • Remove the seeds from the vanilla beans by cutting them down in the middle. The best technique to scrape out vanilla beans is using the back of a knife, if you're not used to doing it already. 
  • The resulting seeds and pods (husk) should be added to a big saucepan. 
  • Add 2 of the 8 cups of water to the saucepan before adding the sugar. 
  • Stirring occasionally will help break up the seeds as the mixture simmers for 5 minutes after being brought to a boil. 
  • When ready to use, cool to room temperature and store in the refrigerator.  
  • For up to three weeks, this simple syrup can be stored in the refrigerator under cover and used in a variety of iced beverages. For a different tasty, refreshing beverage, try adding iced coffee or sparkling water. 
  • When you're ready to serve, combine the remaining 6 cups of water with 2 12 cups of your vanilla bean simple syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice. 
  • If you want the lemonade to be more to your liking, add more water or simple syrup. 
  • Serve with lots of ice and savor this delectable beverage! 


This is a handful of amazing, mouthwatering dishes you can prepare using vanilla beans or vanilla bean paste. The floral flavor of the vanilla bean is tempered with the tartness of the lemon in this classy Vanilla Lemonade. It's uplifting and light! 


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