what type of alcohol is best for vanilla extract ?

what type of alcohol is best for vanilla extract ?

To make vanilla extract what type of alcohol should we use ?? 

This is for people who are looking to make homemade vanilla extract. By traditional method, most of the people use vodka to make vanilla extract and some of them run out of vodka and use rum, bourbon or brandy so it may also give some different taste of vanilla extract.  

Types of alcohol options 


Many of the people use vodka to make vanilla extract because it is a distilled sprit it is odorless and tasteless, and it allows the full flavor of the vanilla to center stage. The vodka quality is cleaner and smoother so the Vanilla extract will get the stronger tons of vanilla taste. 


Rum is distilled from pure sugarcane. White rum is the best choice to make vanilla extract it is similar to vodka, smooth and pure. In vanilla beans it brings the greatest level of sweetness. When you are planning to make some sweet dishes like ice cream, milkshake, cakes etc., it is the best choice to use rum used vanilla extract.  

Gold and dark rum also the other options. They are little heavier and best choice for deep dishes, rich , it’s perfect for winter times.  


In American whiskey, Bourbon is the best compare to the other popular varieties. It consistent taste and sweetness comes from its High corn content. Its sweeter than vodka but it’s not as sweet as rum. It brings out the aroma of vanilla sweetness without overpowering.  

To know which is the best alcohol for homemade vanilla extract 

If you want a definitive answer, the depth of sweetness you wish to attain with your Vanilla extract will determine which sort of alcohol is best for you. 

 Because the alcohol is tasteless, you obtain the pure vanilla bean flavor with Vodka. 

 Rum has a highly sweet flavor with a strong vanilla flavor. 

 While Bourbon has a beautifully enhanced vanilla flavor, it also has distinct smoky overtones that come through in the extract.  

When mixing vanilla extract with any form of alcohol, you should always use premium brands. You could invest in a bunch of small bottles and drop in a single bean so you can get good results. 


This way, you can test each sort of alcohol for yourself without worrying about how much money you're spending or having an excess of alcohol you won't use. You might also want to try a few different sorts of Vanilla beans, which you can accomplish more economically if you use miniature bottles.