Every year, July ushers in balmy temperatures, bright days, and National Ice Cream Month, one of our favorite food holidays. What could be better than an excuse to enjoy sweet, icy delights all month long? When choosing your ice cream choices, it's simple to stick to the tried-and-true flavors. However, it's always fun to try something new. This month, as the world unites to celebrate sports on a global scale, we've decided to elevate ice cream month by examining the most beloved ice cream flavors from around the globe. 

We looked into the most popular ice cream flavors around the world and discovered that our favorites included fried ice cream, mochi, and gelato. Read on for more inspiration so you can contribute your best creativity to ice cream month and check out our graphic below for some of our favorite international ice cream flavors and sweets that beat the heat. 

What ice cream flavor is the most popular worldwide? 

This was not planned, we assure you—typical! After researching the most popular ice cream flavors around the world, we discovered that this timeless flavor ranked #1 in practically all of them. Our very own Vanilla Ice Cream recipe, which makes use of the traditional flavor of Pure Vanilla Extract, is our favorite. A vanilla extract with origins from all over the world, such as our Ugandan Pure Vanilla Extract, Indonesian Pure Vanilla Extract, or the well-liked Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract, can be substituted to change things up and test out a new flavor profile. 

Check out some of the fun ice cream flavors that are enjoyed around the world if you're interested in expanding your palate beyond the classics: 

  1. Mochi Ice Cream: This unusual treat is becoming more and more well-liked all over the world. Mochi is a traditional Japanese dish made of soft rice dough wrapped around frozen ice cream balls. Try our green tea-infused mochi ice cream recipe for a taste of tradition.
  2. Donaruma: Made in Turkey from milk, sugar, salep, and fragrant resin, this sweet treat is renowned for its chewy texture and ability to withstand melting in hot weather.
  3. Stracciatella is a type of gelato with rich chocolate shavings that originated in Northern Italy and is ideal for someone with a sweet tooth. For a rich, vanilla base that may be readily modified to create a delectable Stracciatella, check out our recipe for Vanilla Bean Gelato.
  4. Kulfi: This traditional Indian frozen custard-like dish is well-liked in both India and Colombia. It has a texture similar to ice cream but with a firmer consistency.
  5. Ube: A popular delicacy in the Philippines made from cooked and mashed yam, Ube is renowned for its sweet, nutty flavor and vivid purple hue. This sweet is great as an ice cream flavoring and has recently made its way into numerous sweets.
  6. Puter: Searching for a tropical treat? Puter, often known as "stirred ice cream," is a mouthwatering classic Indonesian ice cream produced from coconut milk. For a similar taste profile that comes together quickly without an ice cream maker, try our No-Churn Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream recipe.


We're eager to see your ingenuity and hope that some of these creative international ice cream ideas may inspire you. By sharing your efforts, let us know which recipes you're attempting to make ice cream month even better.