spring cleaning of kitchen

Spring Cleaning Using Vanilla Extract

Winter takes an exit and now it’s the colorful pleasant spring time. So, you may clean the house as well now, time to end all that winter laziness. Grab all your cleaning equipment and don’t forget the vanilla extract you have saved carefully. How does vanilla help in cleaning? Well, this is just the beginning of how helpful vanilla can be!  

Aromatic Cleaner: Clean the kitchen cabinets, refrigerator shelves or the table tops using a sponge with a bit of vanilla extract. Even for microwave you can use vanilla extract if they smell foul from repeated use. In a microwave bowl pour a few drops of vanilla extract and microwave for 30-35 seconds and Poof! All odor gone. Now you have a cleaner without chemicals. 

Air Freshener: Soak a ball of cotton pad with a few drops of vanilla and put them in a bowl and place them in the living room or where you want an air freshener. In minutes you can see your house filled with pleasant aromatic vanilla. Make sure to soak the vanilla fully before placing it in a bowl to avoid stains.  

Garbage Can Cleaner: In an ice tray pour fill the gaps with water, orange/ lemon peels and drop of vanilla extract. Freeze them till solid. While cleaning the garbage you can put a few cubes of the mixture which eliminates the odor and instills a freshness of vanilla. 

These are some of the uses of vanilla apart from cooking or baking. Isnt it amazing that vanilla can be used for much more interesting things along with cooking? Our vanilla is now an all-rounder, right? Check out a few more vanilla hacks and how you can recycle expired vanilla extract here.