why you shouldnt prepare vanilla extract at home

Why is that a bad idea to prepare Vanilla extract at home?

everyone with even a slight bit of interest in cooking and baking would think of buying a bottle of vanilla extract to implement their cooking or baking ideas. They take their phone and start scrolling through the online stores and are intimidated by the prices and suddenly realize, wait I can make this at home! It will be way cheaper and sustainable. But is it that easy? And above all is it worth it? 

Thinking of preparing vanilla extract at home and can be thrilling and exciting, but if you are a newbie to the process of vanilla preparation and are planning then Dr vanilla’s advice will be to go for it only if you are really confident about it and have gone through each and every step involved with at most care and precision. Still if you are skeptical about this, read the full article which can help you decide. 

Vanilla beans unlike the fully processed extract are super pricey, given the fact that they are rare, it wouldn’t be a very good idea to toss them in alcohol mixture to get the extracts on an experimental basis. Dr Vanilla buy the best quality pods at reasonable costs directly from the farmers, hence avoiding the middlemen cost, so finding the resources to provide the pods at low costs can also be challenging for normal households. 

Lack of proper technology is another factor that affects the preparation. Dr Vanilla has a fully dedicated team from handpicking of premium pods to handle the complex process of vanilla extraction, at each step our team provides their full attention to each and every detail.  

You may think it is for commercial use so we definitely need the technology and expertise, but the method that produces extract from a hundred pod will be the same for even if it's one pod so you will surely need the expertise to produce extract in small scale too. 

Moreover, vanilla contains around 400 flavour compounds out of which some are water soluble and others are ethanol soluble, while the extraction of other flavour will not be possible at room temperature and normal pressure. 

Dr Vanilla uses cold infusion technology that preserves the flavour and aroma of extracts.