decorate cakes in easy and fun way

Fun & Easy Ways Of Decorating Cakes| Decorate Cakes Like A Pro

A freshly baked cake is like a newly set up blackboard, we are tempted to draw on the board with colorful chalk pieces and bring out the sleeping painter in all of us. In this article read about how to decorate a cake from scratch in simple easy steps. May that be decorating a Christmas cake or decorating your birthday cake, Dr Vanilla has got your back. 

Drip Glaze Cream Cakes: These cakes are so rich and versatile and are super eye catchy ones. You can start with ganache and drip the ganache carefully through the edge of the cake using a spoon. You can alternatively use a squirt bottle and pour the ganache carefully through the edge.  

Stencil Sugar Cakes: One of the easy ways to decorate cake at home, all you need is a stencil or a print cut out design. Lay it on the top of the cake, sprinkle some powdered sugar such that it covers the whole top of cake. Remove the stencil once done. Simple as that you now have a royal looking homemade cake. 

Sprinklers to the rescue: Cakes and sprinklers are match made in heaven. First cover the cake with any frosting that you would like. Then take a handful of sprinklers and start covering the frosting. You can follow any pattern using the stencil like above, or simply cover the whole top for a colorful approach. Make sure to cover your work station with baking sheets to ease cleaning of mess. 

Candy Cakes: Use candy or licorice. Cut them as needed and allow your imagination fantasies out and decorate the cake top like an expert! 

Use this guide by Dr Vanilla to bring out that artist in you. Decorate all your cakes hereafter easily in a jiffy!