Is Vanilla extract and Vanilla essence the same?

Is Vanilla extract and Vanilla essence the same?

Vanilla essence is something that pops up in recommendations or at least in our minds while buying vanilla extract. But many believe they are just synonyms of the same word, or is it?  

In simple words vanilla extract is natural and Essence is synthetic. We will walk through the difference between them, whether they can be substituted for each other and can we convert extract to essence and which one is better. 

How is vanilla extract and vanilla essence different?  

Many prepare Vanilla extract by soaking vanilla beans in alcohol and water. This process of extraction will soothe out the pure vanilla and the blend thus received is considered as pure or natural vanilla. But Vanilla essence is prepared by artificial and synthetic flavors, additives and fillers and hence not natural. Vanilla essence contains very less amount of vanillin. 

However, Dr Vanilla uses cold infusion technology, which doesn’t involve the use of alcohol or any other synthetic fillers and our extract are considered simply pure and best in the industry. Check out our alcohol-free vanilla.

Can Vanilla extract and Essence be substituted for each other? 

Yes absolutely! They can be substituted, but you should know at what measurements they should be used. As vanilla extract is made from pure vanilla beans is concentrated so a small amount will give the required flavor. While the same is not true with vanilla essence. As they are synthetic and contains very less the pure vanilla, we will be required to add more of it. Putting it in easy words, you may want to use as twice of vanilla essence instead of extract. But it will highly depend on the recipe and what you are preparing.  

How to convert Vanilla extract to Essence? 

If you are wondering whether to add water to the extract to dilute it to make essence? Then you are wrong, because there is no need to dilute it as said in the above section just use half amount of the extract depending on the recipe  and you are good to go. 

Is Vanilla extract better than Essence? 

While there can be differences in price of both, not to say as vanilla essence is cheaper it is absolutely natural to being drawn to that and eventually purchase it. But you will be adding to your health many chemicals, fillers and synthetic additives, now you don’t want that right? So why not purchase the pure vanilla extract, and you will need only smaller amounts of extract compared to essence to compensate for the price. So, in all ways we can say extract is better and should be used in all the baking projects if needed. 

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