Amazing benefits of having vanilla

Benefits Of Having Vanilla

Almost everyone love Vanilla. Its pleasant smell and subtle flavor adds a rich taste to the food. A widely used flavor in ice creams and they always make it to the top of menu charts. But do you belong to that group of people who think Vanilla is just an ice cream flavor? And are you inquistive about how healthy is Vanilla? Well then you are at the right place. Vanilla is more than just a flavoring agent considering the enormous benefits associated with it. Read on to know more.
Vanilla helps in reducing anxiety, acne and ensures healthy digestion. Vanilla is fruit in the shape of a pod and the length ranges from 4 -21cm.The nutrient value in Vanilla is as below


Amazing Health Benefits of Vanilla

Improves Heart Health-Increasing Vanilla intake reduce the LDL cholestrol level in blood vessels and hence strengthening the heart and functioning. It also reduces the inflammation and prevents from any serious heart problems.

Healthy Hair-Using Vanilla essential oil and massaging on scalp can help to reduce hair loss, reduce split ends and making the hair shinier and longer.
Slows down ageing-Anti Oxidant filled Vanilla helps age spots, wrinkles and is used in many herbal beauty products. Regular intake can provide us with soft and supple skin.

Enhances Respiratory Condition-Best For cold and cough because it contains analgesic substance that creates a coating in throat when taken with lukewarm water offers a soothing effect and further reducing chest infections and illness.

Highly Versatile-Vanilla goes with almost everything, with fruits ,smoothies, coffee, cookies and what not, they blend in the environment in which they are put and hence improving the flavor and taste.

Bottom Line

Vanilla has enormous benefits attached to it, but if you don't want to go to the herbal side, you can always enjoy a cold cup of vanilla icecream on a hot day or a big glass full of healthy smoothie after that strenuous gym time. Dr Vanilla provides an amazing range of natural vanilla extract for you to prepare those delicacies easily at home.